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Monday, March 13, 2006

ok guys im getting my report back tmr...im scared to death. even though i really believe that this medicine is brought to me by the lord himself, im still really worried. i can't help it. lord, i pray that you don't take me away so soon. lord please let me live. let me get well. i want to serve you and all the others who have helped me. Lord please have mercy on me. hear my prayers and all my loved ones' prayers. Lord please i need you so badly now. please come and heal me. heal my broken body. Lord take the cancer cells away, let the medicine work lord. let the medicine work through your will and restore me to health. Lord i beg you. Mother mary please interceed for me to the lord our god. mother mary have mercy on me. i beg you. Please have mercy oh lord. hear my desperate cry.

posted by joan @ 22:00