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Monday, September 19, 2005

yup guys, back after a really long hiatus. anyway it's currently september 2005, 10 months after my a levels. looking back this period of time has been so eventful such that i think it might equal to another's life story. well here's a short recap:

nov 2004 - end of a levels
dec 2004 - prom, start work at chinablack
jan 2005 - got a boyfriend
feb 2005 - got cancer
mar 2005 - got chemotherapy and radiotherapy (haha my life seems to be going down the drain)
apr 2005 - turned 19 in the midst of loads of pain, tears, laughter and love
may 2005 - real start on road of recovery
june 2005 - started getting really depressed (don't ask)
july 2005 - start work at HSBC (totally brainless job)
aug 2005 - lost a boyfriend(don't ask either)
sep 2005 - stopped being depressed and started living

yeah that's about it in short. haha well im sick and tired of being sad and depressed. now that all my friends are mostly in uni or being slaves of the nation, i realise im the only one who's fortunate enough to have a second chance. a second chance to live it right. a second chance to make this holidays right. if i had went to uni like everyone else, i would have probably made a wrong choice in course given the circumstances. god really has his own way of doing things. no matter how hard i tried to make things go my way, he has his own designs for me. i read in a book once that being diagnosed with cancer is when you stop dying and start living. i think it's time for me to start living.

posted by joan @ 03:34