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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

after watching several seasons of sex and the city(all thanks to clara), i realised anything that can go wrong goes wrong in relationships. it's amazing(not in a good way) how many things can easily screw up a relationship. care too little, care too much, says too little, says too much, right person, wrong religion, wrong look, wrong character, and god, wrong size of penis? are relationships doomed right from the start? there are so many things someone can do to spoil a relationship and one could just do one of the things from the endless list to cause an irreparable split.
ok even after you find the right person, you date, he does all the right things, gives you the perfect ring, say the perfect proposal, marries you in a perfect wedding, there is still that big big and i mean BIG hurdle to get through...marriage life. i think one can never judge the success of one relationship till the day one dies. that's the only time when you're able to come to an absolute conclusion right?
i can't blame my friends or even myself for being skeptical about relationships. right on last saturday, weiqi and clara came over for some good old girly time and boy did we talk. weiqi brought up the topic of is there truly someone for everyone out there. people always talk about how you go through all these failed relationships to get to the right one. the one that will last. the ONE. fate will lead you there, or so they said. but weiqi did bring up a good point, what if you weren't meant to have the ONE? what if fate decrees that you, yes poor old unlucky you, has to spend the rest of your life going through all these failed relationships and yet you will never find true happiness with someone.
but this brings us to the other confusing and highly controversial subject of is being single really that dreadful? why is everyone hoping to find that someone when so much evidence had been found that mankind are not made for monogamy? would you rather be unhappy or let's say moderately happy with someone, or would you rather be alone till you find that someone and if he doesn't come along, be alone for the rest of your life? right now, i don't know. yes i admit it, i belong to the masses who believe that there's someone for everyone. maybe im young, ignorant and still foolishly hopeful of life, but i still believe that the group of us will be happily married, have kids and have high tea together, talking about our husbands, kids and diapers. well, i guess the best conclusion i can come to right now is that, be self-sufficient. be independent enough so that you can be happy when there's someone and you can also live well alone. it can't hurt to be prepared right? after all, we never know what games fate plays.

posted by joan @ 06:50