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Thursday, April 14, 2005

big eyes, porcelain skin, a delicate mouth and black hair in a straight style with bangs, almost like a china doll, there she was, in the other room. she couldn't have been more than 14 and her petite frame made her looked even younger. beautiful she was but her beauty was overshadowed by the cruel disease that was obviously tormenting her, tormenting all of us in that place. she sat in her wheelchair, painfully thin with her china doll wig, vomitting non-stop into the red plastic bag that her mother was holding out for her. i knew then. chemotherapy. i looked at her, she had all the signs of a standard chemo patient. hair loss, vomitting and she was obviously wasting away. it is a truly scary process that is definitely not meant for the faint-hearted
as i watched her, many emotions swelled up in me. maybe it was the fact that we were the only two people in that place who had all our teeth and are below the age of 50. but it hurts me to see her in such agony. what has she done to deserve this? i doubt very much that she had robbed, plundered or killed anyone. christ, she was just entering her teens. or maybe someone decided that the world was not screwed up enough and decided to give her cancer, you know, just to make the world a little more interesting.
i looked at her and all i could think of was, it's so unfair. what about all those smokers out there, why didn't someone give them all lung cancer. i could almost hear his sick little voice say, "oh no, it can't be those smokers, honey. they deserve it. it has to be this poor little innocent girl or it wouldn't go with the life is unfair motto right?"
well what can i say, life is unfair and i guess the girl in the other room could not have learnt it in a better way.

posted by joan @ 05:43