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Thursday, June 10, 2004

just came back from yun's hse...totally fun to meet up with you guys again. haha had a damn loud time at her hse. haha alex was rather shocked when i called him haha and we weren't even drinking haha...had quite a good time doing stupid stuff...like trying to look like we are kissing in front of the camera...haha took loads of photos...clara pls remember to upload the photos you pig...haha too bad elaine, weiqi and halima didn't come haha kady yeo's cake was not bad too haha but too bad the day was spoilt by my mom...disgusting had to say off stuff to me...wah..turn off nvm..looking forward to going back to rgs, haha can have another bitching session...these sessions really help to de-stress man, like in school you hardly have a chance to like just go crazy, everyone's so pent up and reserved...well at least i know i can always tell my ptms anything...haha love you guys!

posted by joan @ 09:34