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Thursday, April 22, 2004

INVERSE! as the guys call it...i finally understand the true essence and spirit of that word itself. gosh, i got stuck in a situation that could only be described by that word. exasperation that forces that word out of your mouth. here's what happened. this guy ok lets call him X. i met X at a club last year, on new year's eve. well he asked to dance and stuff, and finally asked for my no. as it was a happy day that day i decided to give it to him. he turns out to be this 18 years old guy who's still taking his...not A's but O's! yep he's still taking his o levels! ok. thou shall not be prejudiced right? right. right left. nvm, well his command of english is, erm, how should i put it, eh ample space for improvement? hmmm, anyway X msged me today:

X: I very stressed abt my o's. Do you still go clubbin?
me: nope, haven't gone in a long while. In the middle of my season now, quite busy
X: Huh? If i'm not wrong, are you having that girl thing? (i think he thought i was talking about my period)
Me: URPS, what i mean is my sports season, softball nationals.
X: Netball? cool! i very boring. can i come down and watch? (netball?)
Me: i think i said softball. and we are playing njc at their sch this sat
X: WOOHOO! then you can squeeze butts right! (after a long period of serious thinking and pondering, i still can't make any sense out of that)
Me: What the hell are you talking about (i'm getting pissed)

and that was just the beginning of his successful attempt in seriously pissifingly pissing me off. "we can squeeze butts" like what the freaking fawking hell does he mean? was he talking about the hideously flaming red red shorts that nj wears, even so why on earth, heaven, and maybe even hell would i want to squeeze their butts? ill curse and spit on my hand and personally whack them off with a bat if i ever even harbour the idea of doing that. and im sure ill use the word season to describe my period right. arghs. i think talking to a wall would have made me feel better. at least it wouldn't "inverse" me. and he asked me whether i had a boyfriend...i decided to say yes to get rid of him once and for all...i hope that works. just pray that he wouldn't reply back. NOOOOO....i see the radiation waves on my pc monitor, yep i hear my phone beeping. great he repiled. yucks

posted by joan @ 06:17