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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

its pouring as if the sky has never cried before...totally destroyed my plans of swimming or going anywhere else...suddenly regretting the decision of my refusal to go to RTC for a spa...hmmm should have said yes...then i wouldnt be wallowing in boredom that is neck high in my room. maybe i shouldnt dye my hair after seeing mdm teng scolding bapok...hmmm or at least wait till SATS are over. should cheer up...after all it is the season to be jolly...ha christmas...my favourite season...heh this year's christmas dinner will be done the yours truly...heh hope i dont kill my family or something...at least let it be edible haha...or i can invite some pple over first to let them be my guinea piggies and try out my cooking...heh watching wishing stairs later...hope its good..had too many recent disappoinments with the horror shows avaliable now...like THE PARK...totally disgusting...i wouldnt call it a movie...its better off being called a cheap skate-low budget-disgustingly-horrifyingly not scary- flopped-horror teen flick. its like the worst movie i've ever watched cant believe i spent 8.50 on it...totally off man...hey the skies are clearing up...yay go bathe now better go out soon before it rains again

posted by joan @ 00:00