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Monday, September 08, 2003

hmmm....havent wrote anything serious in here for a long while....its raining now...looking forward to a good night's sleep...i still miss my hair...nvm it'll grow ha using this im awesome layout to boost my own ego...nvm...its the last game this sat...seriously lookin forward to the end of the league...its been a mentally and physically tiring league...now the only thing to hope for is the end of promos...when its over i dont even mind camping over in school to train but now i just wanna focus on studying...ya i still insist im not androgenic anyway

maybe i need to see the daylight
to leave behind this half-life
dont you see I'm breaking down
lately something here don't feel right
this is just a half-life
is there really no escape
no escape from time of any kind
come on lets fall in love

posted by joan @ 10:12