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Friday, May 16, 2003

we lost to vj
i cant believe we lost when victory was so close till we screwed up
major screw up
and to add on to that i have to hear all kinds of untrue rumours abt myself
ridiculously untrue
whatever..what do you pple know...you dont even know me, who are you to say all these stuff abt me why dont you just shuddap and mind your own business maybe your life is so irreversibly screwed up maybe its time you spend time reflecting why instead of screwing up mine
argh...all these things happening at the same time, softball season, tests blah blah im almost suffocating..dying of fatigue yesterday was the worst but luckily talked to alex and slept felt better after that im ready to take on these pple...no matter what they do i dont give a damn i will not lose faith...this week i was confused i almost lost it but thankfully there were pple there to bring me back. these are the pple that mattered all those f***ing bastards that dont know me who are they to criticise me whatever
just leave me alone

posted by joan @ 03:24