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Friday, May 30, 2003

rj was so close to winning!!! we didnt get trashed by ac...we were so close...so sad for the ruggers. i feel real bad for them cos i know they really wanted to win and this is prob the year with the highest chance for them but we still lost...by a bit. the last few mins were excrutiating...we were so damn close to the touchdown line yet we couldnt score argh...damn cake for them. but i discovered a few shens today like justin lam wah...he's damn good man. aiya hope they will win next yr.
tmr rj vs nj match for us...yay can see joanne and jan, hope they are playing heh, but i feel damn cake abt not able to watch hockey finals. hope the girls won aj today ...after match going swimming and bbq at jenni's hse heheh can eat till i die.
by tues we will be all alone for training already...hope we wont be too lost. yep must go sleep liao or else ill die tmr

posted by joan @ 08:48