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Saturday, May 17, 2003

the guys won!!!i'm so happy for them...even though we lost to hc ourselves. the guys truly deserve to win. they worked so hard, glad that victory was theirs ha but im not sure whether i want to see them all bald or not...as for the girls,guess we have to work harder for next yr..heh...now rotting at home super tired and sunburnt...
these few days had time to think about many things. im not that bothered abt the rumours anymore ha immunity over them yeah...argh must stop thinking abt these stupid stuff. eh change subject, watched a stupid horror flick yesterday cos the matrix was sold out. we ended up watching the gathering, eh weird disconnected show...i spent the show wishing that i was watching matrix eh thanks to the guys(who booked tix like one wk before) there were only first row tix left. must watch it soon heh already planned to watch on wed with dawn and stef. must go liao going to cut my hair later...hope dont screw up too badly *maths test sucks*

posted by joan @ 21:44