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Saturday, May 10, 2003

heyo...finally using the com at home...first time starting a blog hopefully it'll last heh..had a game with jjc today first match of the season for us..sigh started out quite bad luckily back on form by 3rd inning won them 16-3 ha the guys were even more power 30+ -1 ha but after the match we had training that part was quite sian...near the end had to do pitch batting when all of us were dying i couldnt focus at all everything also never swing aiya wdh cant be bothered man next training ill have no errors heheheh argh...so many lecture tests coming up can't study at all that day just screwed up econs test a totally different question came up although it was our fault(cos we didn't study) but still that sneaky soon bee had to give a totally diff question sucks la sure dieeeeeeee. sigh...realise today being captain's not easy have to shoulder lots of responsibilties when you're down you cannot show it at all cos your team will be relying on you...it use to be enduring my own fatigue during trainings now...still have to encourage the rest...sigh i guess more will be coming aiya what da hell i just wanna sleep now super tired dunno why also sigh whatever still feel quite frustrated being off form for training today been quite a bad day today but never mind at least had 1 piece of good news today: vj guys beat hc!!!! surprise surprise...ha then our guys will most prob be champs provided they play well next sat ha i believe they can.. hopefully we'll play well against vj on wed aiya too sleepy liao cant be bothered to type anymore...whatever

posted by joan @ 08:17